Russian Mom Reads

We are planning a huge Russian Easter brunch on Sunday, so I went on a hiatus from blogging this week busy with cleaning, planning, and shopping.  It also allowed me to catch up on my reading. 

I just finished The Slynx by Tatyana Tolstaya.  One of my favorite bloggers, Come Due Maiali, recommended the author. 

The modern Russian writers that I came across lately sounded to me like they wrote high on weed and mushrooms,  that they were immensely sarcastic, and enjoyed to swear like sailors…  Tolstaya appeared to be hit with the Blast, the one that destroyed the world we know and created another one full of occasionally drugged up, ignorant, swearing mutants with … consequences.  

I couldn’t put the book down – it was so enthralling and different! Tolastaya’s language skills are remarkable, and even the harshest jargon I typically would be disgusted with, seemed absolutely beautiful and appropriate.  If you are into Russian literature, I would highly recommend visiting this bizarre Moscow 200 years after the Blast.  

Natasha, thank you again for the advice! 


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