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Somehow I missed this book during the Perestroika era.  It was a time of a big change in Russia – the newspapers started criticizing everything they were praising just a day before; new stories were written, new books published … Strangely enough the same faces remained in Kremlin pushing the new politics…

I was a naive and still well brain-washed 10-year old, wearing my red pioneer scarf against all the new propaganda.  Even though I was the hugest fan of Rybakov’s famous children’s novels “The Dirk”, “The Bronze Bird, and “The Shot”, I completely ignored all the fuss about Children Of The Arbat.  

Finally, I set down and read this story of the Moscow intellectual youth during the Stalin’s rule. The novel was written in 1966 and 1983, and published only in 1987.  If you open this book, you will understand why publishing it earlier was unfeasible.

It’s almost impossible to comprehend how a regime, where you could be exiled for a tiny thing, like not publishing an article in a school newspaper, was tolerated by so many people.  Even stranger to know how well the country was brainwashed.  My babushka still remembers crying when Stalin died…

The circus arrives without warning…

Finished my book club’s “The night circus”.  It’s Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel, and I already cannot wait for her new books to come!

If you love fairy tales – you will find all the magic, and love, and good and evil, and complexity in this book… minus the fairies.  The first paragraph captivates and the story holds you tight till the last word!  What a delightful tale! 

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